Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Time Is Money?

I don't know that many of the people I've been telling about this blog actually come here or read it. Generally there's skepticism about Bazungu Bucks.

A friend sent me an email:

i was doing some research this morning & came upon this quote from edie tsong (she made the life size sculpture of her pregnant-self in the new MF show)
she also copied the complete roswell, nm phonebook name for name with a #2 pencil on lined school paper.

"My dedication to killing time is a refusal to equate value with a dollar amount. To value something not as a commodity, but as an experience."

-Edie Tsong

Later that same day he sent me a link in an email with the subject: blog,Blog, blog to a Portuguese language blog apparently about American comixs. I'm not sure as I don't understand Portuguese.

I'm missing the point so it made me laugh. But I surmise the notion of Bazungu Bucks or Time Dollars seem aesthetically suspect to him.

I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed that there's little buzz or eagerness to collect a script that can be redeemed with hours of my time. Hardly surprising because everyone knows I'll give it away anyway. I'm curious to see whether the script has any value for encouraging time spent in service to African people. But at the core, I believe that hours spent in this way are valuable expereinces, Bazungu Bucks or no.


pingting said...

hi kaunda

i went to your blog site tonight to leave a post- i was reading your posts.
i was going to post but i am having posting problems. the problem posting
seems to be creating an account.once one has completed the lines on the form there is no "Go" button
to activate the information. it seems that if you don't create an account
you can't post to a blog? is this true?

then i went searching for help on the blogger help menu & this i found out.

Browser Issues
In Mac versions of Internet Explorer, certain buttons are not appearing, such as the buttons for signing in, creating accounts and blogs, and saving profiles. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox for Mac users.
Spell check does not work in Safari. Again, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox.
In the Camino browser, text cannot be entered into the posting field. We will be making some changes to handle this browser better.
In recent versions of Mozilla browsers, the image upload and spell-check windows may be blocked as popups. You can fix this by changing your preferences to allow popups from &

aha! issues. always issues.

i was going to post this blog....

please don't be discouraged. i consider myself computer savoy and blogs still seem foreign
to me. it's like when email first came around & i thought to myself " who's going to send me an email?"
so it takes a while to navigate these blog sites & figure out how to operate them. i went to nathan's
bog site & was confused as to how to respond to his posts.
i love that you've created a slogan to accompany Bazungubucks & indeed i really love the slogan.
creating a slogan tells me that you are interested in marketing the idea of Banzungubucks because
it's quite nice to see & it makes me think that it would make a really nice T-shirt. imagine standing in line
at the grocery store & a person reads on a shirt: CREATE SOMETHING GOOD. i could imagine
advertising the bazungubucks website with it. if the T-shirt is appealing it will attract attention
& then a conversation ensues. perhaps then you can hand out one of your brochures. more people
will be lead to wonder how they can help & you can offer Bazungubucks to them.

kaunda i seemed to have resolved some issues am using safari browser, created an account AND a

perhaps someday i may publish too! now i am ready to post my first blog post. more to come.


pingting said...

the CREATE SOMETHING GOOD t shirt can only be
bought with BAZUNGUBUCKS

spread the word