Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Free Your Mind

That's George Clinton of P-Funk fame. He's always up to something and looks like there's a new record. Go to the Web site to find out about it. The title asks the question: "How late do you have to be before you are?"

In the comments yesterday:
"You are asking us to look at some horrible things. I am grateful that you have the courage not only to look yourself, but have the additional energy and compassion to give us a loving nudge for us to look as well."

Goodness! It's an odd reflection that I have courage.

There's a rather well-known bar owner in town, Lucky. Turns out he's a decorated war veteran. I commented to him about his courage. "Oh Mary!" he said in his inimitable way. I pushed it a little by asking him if he ever got together with his comarades in arms. For a moment he gave me the look; the one people give when you've breeched a wall around a trauma and you wish you could take back whatever you just said. That look only lasted a moment, before he said: "You don't know what they called me. They called me "Shakey."

You might call me Shakey.

Coming to you as I am, I don't presume any displays of courage by my readers. Most of all I'm interested in your creativity. I know you all are creative. Certainly I don't intend to guilt trip either, although telling people what they ought to do seems a blogging hazzard.

A cool blog by an African feminist is Black Looks. There's a post today announcing this year's winners of the "Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought." The post is short and it's worth finding out about who wins that prize.

I'd never heard of the prize, but think it's an excellent one. I wonder if the nominating committee has seriously considered Mister Clinton, George that is? He seems a worthy candidate to me.

Forbes Magazine cover story is apparently about blogs, and it seems a certain segment of the business community think they suck, "big time."

The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought this year is shared by Nigerian lawyer, Hauwa Ibrahim, Reporters Without Borders, and Cuba's "Ladies in White." Go to Black Looks for the links, its worth it for the other stuff there too.

Reporters Without Borders recently published a handbook for bloggers to assist people reporting in countries with severe press restrictions. Forbes Magazine notwithstanding, I do value our freedom to express ourselves. And I value listening to others.

I've added a new badge here. I can't figure out how to get it on a separte line so look for it next to the bloglines sub badge. Global Voices Online is a gateway to international voices, bloggers who have both a local and international audience in mind.

George Clinton, you may remember, sang "Free your mind and your ass will follow." That always made me laugh, so I'll have to pop that old cassette in the player and listen tonight. If you're feeling it check out this page previewing a wonderful film Parliament Funkadelic--One Nation Under A Groove

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