Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Nathan's Brother John

Nathan's brother John died and was buried today. John had been suffering from brain cancer for over a year. He was treated with radiation, but that treatment didn't stop the cancer. He was cared for at home by his sister Hilda and his brothers Joseph and Kenneth. Caring for him was very difficult because he lost his sight, and at times became confused and angry.

John and I occasionally sent email to each other. John also wrote me letters on paper. His handwriting was very neat and he shared his questioning mind and philosophical bent with me. Once I sent him a taped course on religions of the world, but they never arrived. I always regreted that because I was looking forward to sharing discussions about them with him.

John was very interested in micro-lending projects and business development. He participated in business workshops and was instrumental in forming the Jinja Youth Group that eventually became the Busoga Shining Light Association.

John was a very kind man. He had a special interest in promoting health and had hoped to study medicine. He encouraged his friends and comrades to get tested for the HIV virus and enncouraged AIDS prevention.

All who knew Kabanda John will remember him fondly.


pingting said...

this is very moving & beautiful john.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Candle burning