Sunday, October 12, 2008


Blog Action Day is October 15th. I'm not sure I'll write, anticipating punking out the last time there was one of these group blog things. Still, I think these group efforts are very worthwhile. The sign-up is relatively painless, although the form has a couple of impertinent questions like: How many readers? Eek, I'm not sure why I freak out over the idea there may actually be readers. I did check the blog stats and as it turns out there are a few readers, but I'm no closer to putting a number to it. The main point of asking the question is, I think, to show the influence that bloggers combined may have. The good thing about signing up is you'll get a script to put with your blog post so it will make discovery easier for readers when Blog Action Day comes around.

Poverty is a broad and difficult topic. So I thought I better warm up.

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