Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Invisible Children

I attended the screening of Invisible Children tonight at the University of Pittsburgh Oakland campus. I should do a proper post, but not tonight. In questions after the screening people wanted to know what America can do. This link to the Uganda Conflict Action Network, Uganda-CAN suggests specific actions to lobby your representatives.

These proposals were published in an article printed in Uganda's independent newspaper the Daily Monitor. Uganda-CAN has published the government of Uganda's response. Uganda-CAN has also published an impassioned letter from the former Anglican Bishop in the region, McLeod Ochola. The situation is complex, but not so complex that as not to be understood. Uganda-CAN is a good resource for finding out more about the situation.

For those in Pittsburgh here's a link to Peter Okema's Pittsburgh Africa Project. Using the links on the sidebar you will also find more information about the forgotten war in northern Uganda.

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