Friday, December 16, 2005

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Saturday Is Party Day

In the face of the disorder of this household, I froze and didn't do a lick to clean up. In fact this party has been one big mental block. Nevermind that, do come if you can. Many are bringing food and drink. Bob came over with some firewood so there'll be a fire outside. And I've got the stove burning in the summer kitchen.

I moved snow all day, still parking will be a bit of a challenge, but Bob and John thought there'd be plenty. Did I mention snow? Make sure you wear boots and some warm clothes. Stay the night if you drink too much, or just because you want too.

My friend Nathan sent me a couple of poems for the occassion, and here is one:
wish for you to have
people to love
people in your life who will care about you
as much as I do
blue skies and clear days
exciting things to do
easy solutions to any problems
knowledge to make the right decisions
strength in your values
laughter and fun
goals to pursue
happiness in all that you do
My friend
I wish for you to have
beautiful experiences
each new day
as you follow
your dreams
What he said, I wish for all of you too.

We'll see how many of my extraneous ideas for the party come off, but there is one little game I hope everyone will paticipate in:

The Green Stone

The green stone is a token of friendship. Passing the green stone to another is a sign of friendship. To receive the stone is also a blessing. Pass it one to another so that everyone here receives grace and good fortune. Once everyone has exchanged the stone, return it to me. Contained within the green stone are the good wishes of my merry friends.

As I shoveled snow today, I thought of my dear friends; the many happy times we've shared and the sad and painful ones too. I haven't heard a word about the whereabouts of that "paper blog" I handed off, If I knew Then What I Know Now. I suspect it's circulating. I certainly didn't know what I was in for when I first met all of you. What wisdom! Deep down inside, I gotta whole lotta love for you all.

Peace on Earth. Good will to all.

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pingting said...

Dear Kaunda-

What a joy it is to be your friend.

Happy 50th Birthday Party Day!!

xo Pingting

Live this moment as totally as possible.

Don't be too sane, because too much sanity leads to insanity. Let a little craziness exist in you. That gives zest to life, that makes life juicy. Let a little irrationality always be there. That makes you capable of playing, being playful; that helps you to relax. A sane person is utterly hung up in the head, he cannot get down from there. He lives upstairs. Live all over the place, this is your house! Upstairs, good, the ground floor, perfectly good -- and the basement is beautiful too. Live all over the place, this is your house. And don't wait for next time, I would like to tell this old woman, because the next time never comes.

Not that you will not be born again; you will be born again, but then you will forget. Then you will start again from ABC. This old woman has been here before. She must have been here millions of times before. And I can say to you that each time, nearabout the age of eighty-five, she would have decided the same way: "Next time I'm going to do it differently." But next time you don't remember -- that's the problem. You lose all memory of the past life. Then again you start from ABC and the same thing happens.

So I would not say to you to wait for the next time. Take hold of this moment! This is the only time there is, there is no other time. Even if you are eighty-five you can start living. And what is there to lose when you are eighty-five? If you go barefoot on the beach in the spring, if you collect daisies -- even if you die in that, nothing is wrong. To die barefoot on the beach is the right way to die. To die collecting daisies is the right way to die. Whether you are eighty-five or fifteen doesn't matter. Take hold of this moment. Be a Zorba.