Thursday, November 17, 2005

Uganda pepsi fruit shop

Uganda pepsi fruit shop
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This Modern World

A friend writes:
I think your blog would be more attractive and
interesting if you have more time to have a good
That's probably true, but doesn't seem to be the blogging way. I'm just feeling my way about blogging and am looking forward to the days where many of you too are blogging. It's so easy nowadays.

Yesterday I discovered a list of Pittsburgh blogs. They have a fancy little button--chicklet--I want for this blog. It may be that I have to be an approved Pittsburgh blog before I can add it, or it may be I'm just being dense about how to add the thingy. All that button would do is to take you to the site anyway, which the link above will do very nicely. There are over 300 blogs there, so chances are you know some of these people.

I've mentioned Bloglines before, and there is a button for it on the sidebar. Reading blogs with that reader is a real timesaver. It's easy to subscribe to feeds with it. So you can subscribe to blogs you think might be interesting and see what happens there over a few days or a week to see whether you want to keep reading it. Nobody is going to be interested in 300 Pittsburgh blogs, but chances are there are a handful that will interest you.

The matter of feeds sounds confusing. It is confusing to me, especially about the feed for this blog. Something is funky. I don't know why the body of the post gets so mangled and my attempts to figure it out have led me smack in the face of my own ignorance.

I had been posting photos using Hello a picture sharing site. Last night their server seemed to be down so I used the photo software right in Blogger. That was easy. Tonight I went over to flickr the premire photo-sharing site. I had searched through photos there before, but hadn't signed up. Tonight I did and discovered that it's Yahoo so all my Yahoo ID stuff worked. That great photo is from flickr. There are something like 80 million pictures there, most public and searchable. With a click of the mouse I sent that photo right over here. That's very cool, don't ya know.

Looking over my list of links for tonight, I see there's little cohesion between them. I'm still so worried about the situation in Uganda. My friend Micheal in Kampala said there were people disappearing at the hands of "Mafia bands" something I also saw reference to in news reports. All that's pretty heavy and I want to follow the situation more closely. I've no love for Museveni, but I don't wish to see Uganda in flames. I noticed through the miricle of the Internet that Global Voices, see the button on the sidebar, linked to my post on Besingye's arrest. Obviously my take on things, that is the connection between ultra-conservative Christians to the Museveni regime, is a little idiosycratic. The snippet Global Links used was comment my Ugandan friend here made.

So to wrap up a post which most certainly be more attractive and interesting with more preparation, I'll just add a couple of links: First from Blahsploitation a link to a blog One Red Paperclip where the blogger chronicles trades beginning with a red paperclip with hope of eventually trading for a house. Second an oldie but goodie post by Majikthise. Most of the blogs that I claim to read are by men, that is not to say most blogs are by men. But the real reason for the link is the subject of the post is Tai Solarin, a beautiful Nigerian Hummanist who's passed on now, but worth knowing about.


pingting said...

UGANDA PEPSI FRUIT SHOP is a great name for a BAND!

Kaunda said...

I hope the group will have an xylophone player in the line-up. In Uganda there's a huge embaire xylophone that takes six people to play it. And through the miricle of the Internet, you can order yours here: